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For many businesses, their website is an important form of communication between their customers and their company. Even if you conduct a minimal amount of your business through a website, it is still a great marketing tool and can positively help your customers better understand who your company is. At Simple Design Studios, we believe in creating clean, fresh, unique and innovative web sites so visitors can easily understand the content; not get lost in a sea of excessiveness. Simple Design Studios goal is to balance a beautiful, effective web site which runs without programming problems and visually communicates content effectively. Our complexity is in our simplicity. 'Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication.'

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Who is Simple Design Studios?
Simple Design Studios is a small expert design company focusing on web development and corporate identity. Our goal is to help individuals and small to medium sized businesses create a website which is elegant, effective, and user friendly with pricing of products well below the industry average. Our vision is simple; we provide high quality products, customized to your liking, with very friendly and helpful customer service. We will be there to answer any questions from the first conversation until well after your project is finished.

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What does Simple Design Studios offer?
Simple Design Studios offers a variety of products including web design, corporate identity, marketing packages, and maintenance help. Each client is able to pick from an array of products designed for their particular needs. In our first conversation, we will discuss about your vision and goals so we both have an understanding of what you hope to gain. You can choose one of the offered packages in the pricing section or we can create a customized package based on your goals after having a detailed conversation. Feel free to explore the rest of this site and be sure to check out our portfolio. Give us a call with any questions or when you are ready to start so we can put together a web design package to your liking.

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Why Choose Simple Design Studios?
Simple Design Studios takes extreme pride in our work. We realize in order to have a great business with longevity; we need to deliver great products at great prices with great customer service. Because we manage our business and expenses so efficiently, we are able to pass on the savings to the clients so we can stay ahead of the market while still delivering top quality products from a top-notch team.

Quality and Originality
Each web site we create for our clients is based around the vision and philosophy of their company. Simple Design Studios does not use templates or pre-made websites! We use the information we gathered from our client and integrate it with our own ideas to create an original website. Experienced designers utilize their knowledge of design principles and usage of different color schemes and balancing out elements to portray a very clean, fresh, and crisp feel. Take a look through our portfolio and you will see each design is unique and none are overwhelming with non-sense. We design websites which visually communicate our client's ideas effectively.

Pricing and Packages
Simple Design Studios is in a very competitive industry. With any competitive industry, it is important to not only deliver high quality products, but also have better pricing than the competition. Simple Design Studios focus is on running a lean and efficient business with low overhead costs so we can pass the savings to our clients and give them the best pricing around. We do not have to charge a premium to cover unneeded costs like most other web design companies. Our success is based on giving clients what they want and need for a fair and reasonable price.

Customer Service
When working with Simple Design Studios, you will have a representative working with you, he will guide you, be available, and answer any questions you have throughout the entire process and as well after the work is completed. You will not have to work with ten different people or be transferred to six different answering machines. The representative will work directly with our designers and programmers and act as an intermediate for everybody. This is not to say you cannot talk with our programmers or designers, but your representative is always your first point of contact and will take care of any problems, conflicts, or questions.

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